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You have to deliver the car 3 (three) days before the date of shipment..

Remember, in order to drop off your car in the port, you need to have the booking number and confirmation.

We are not responsible for extra charge that may apply if you do not have all the paper work ready and your car can not be shipped.

Port in Mainland

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    How far in advance

    HOW FAR IN ADVACE SHOLD I SCHEDULE THE TRANSPORT OF MY VEHICLE? We request that you schedule you car shipping as soon as possible ot insrure that your car is moved within the time frame which best meets your shcedule. However if an inmediate pick up is necessary, we will do our best in order to move your car.

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    Is my vehicle insured?

    Yes, all our vehicles will be insured against any transport damage caused by driver negligence. At the moment to pick up the car, our driver will give you a BOL (bill of lading) where both togeter will check the car and mark on the paper all the scratches and dents that your car may have. At the moment to delivery the car, you will get another BOL and you have to re-check your car and make any note on that paper. IF YOU SEE A MARK O DENT ON YOUR CAR AT THE MOMENT TO DELIVERY YOU MUST TO CALL US AT THIS MOMENT, any claim placed after you sign the BOL AS IS at that time will not be effective.

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    Preparing your car

    Be sure that you car do not have more that 1/4 tank of fuel. No personal items are allowed. We recomend you fix any chips and/or cracks in your windows. Your car have to be clean and washed. If Guam's Department of Agriculture (GDA) reject your car you will be responsible for the extra charges, GDA will inspect your car for invasive species.

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    Requerid Documentation

    This is the list of required documentation that you have to provide us in order to ship your car:

    • Copy of owner driver licence
    • Copy of vehicle title
    • Tag number
    • Full name, address, phone and email from how send and receives the car.